Wholesome Curriculums for Wholesome Students

Public schools have several disadvantages, they tend to be underfunded, overcrowded and the curriculums are not up to date. As a parent, you will want your kid to have the best of the best and sadly this is not the case on public education.

Teachers are not to be blamed, the educational system worldwide is a deeply flawed machine. Students with special needs are overlooked and the same happens to students that are above average. It is a shame to waste any potential so as a parent you should consider getting your children into a sixth form.

Curriculums change depending on the institutions but they cover the same subjects.


Usually a public school curriculum will cover only the basics about science and students will have access to a lab if they are lucky. Students attending sixth form Birmingham schools will learn advanced content and will have time on a fully equipped lab to practice the theory they learn in classes.

Not only chemistry and biology are in the science program, students also learn about computer science. We live on a digital world and we become obsolete in a matter of months if we are not into the latest development. As part of their experience, students learn about algorithms and programming, robotics and artificial intelligence will be covered on more advanced levels. Having scientific background could lead to great projects and opportunities.


Art programs are optional on public schools and when the time comes to make cuts on the budgets, these are the first ones to go. Sixth from Birmingham schools recognize the importance of art for a complete education. Students that attend these schools will receive art classes, they will learn theory but will also practice. Painting is not optional, students will learn to represent their thoughts and feelings through their art.

Music is another subject on the curriculums, students will study how to appreciate music and understand the different styles. Mandatory art courses complement the scientific classes and give an opportunity to those students that feel more inclined towards art.

The World from another Perspective

The way students learn history is by memorizing dates and events, this methodology is not particularly inviting or interesting. By the end of the class, students are tired and bored.

Sixth form programs encourage their pupils to question history and analyze the real influence of the events on modern society. They become part of the events and create their own opinion. This method is stimulating for the pupils and now they must form criteria based on their morals and knowledge. This is by far a better way to learn and students become more curious with time.